All emails use the following convention: first and last names separated by a period, followed by Example:


Ame Beard, Principal

Emerald Crafton, Office Manager, Financial Accounting, Communications

Lottie Duey, Health Aide

Luna Green, Campus Monitor

Andy Hock, Dean of Students, 504 Support

Tiffany (Tiki) King Registrar and Student Support Specialist, Scheduling

Hope Shepherd, Internship and Testing Coordinator

Wilson Sherk, Administrative Secretary

Wendy Zacharias, Counselor, College Connections, 504 Support

Ruxandra Westra, Educational Assistant


Christy Updegrave, Custodial

Justin Haines, Custodial


Jenny Cathey, Special Education

Scott Crowell, Humanities

Kari Davidson, Dance

Nissie Ellison, Visual Arts

Ryan Eustis, Math

Jared Mills, Media

Torrey Newhart, Vocal Music

James Olsen (Jim), Instrumental Music

Cody Rosenberg, Humaniqueries

Ariana Schwartz, Internships, Costume, Fashion and Textiles

Jill Smith, Physical Education

Jason Valley, Science, Humaniqueries

Melanie Vetor (Melz), Humanities