A3 Student, Parent and Family Weekly News | October 5-9, 2020

Mid-Quarter Grades Available October 9:
On October 9, please check Synergy for updated mid-quarter grades. Let us know if you have any questions regarding accessing. You should be able to view grades through Synergy or Google classroom as teachers update grades on a weekly basis.

Scholarship Information for Seniors and Parents:
We want to ensure everyone is aware of the scholarship calendar and information about Oregon specific scholarship opportunities that may be useful.
Here is the scholarship calendar: Scholarship Calendar
Here is the page with Oregon specific scholarship information: Oregon Scholarship Information
Please check in with Wendy Zacharias with any questions. These will be uploaded to the A3 website soon.

Elevate Events:
Students have a really great opportunity to attend Elevate Events, see link for flyer and calendar. These events are free and all A3 students are welcome to attend. Elevate Fall Calendar


A3 Lunchtime Hangout!
Are you looking for a way to hang out with other A3 students during lunch—maybe meet new people and/or visit old friends? We have set up a staff-supervised, google Lunchtime Hangout which will take place every school day during lunch (from 11:05-11:50).

All A3 students are invited!
Just click: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTU4NjkyMDQ3NDU4​

GSA/QSA/LGBTQIA+ Club:                                                                 

Tuesdays at lunch: Come one, come all to the Questioning Alliance. No matter your orientation, pronouns, or preferences, if you are friendly, open and non-judgmental, we would love to have you. Please join us!!

Talk with friends, discuss issues and advocacy. Be a positive voice for change. Jill is the staff advisor of this group. We will have a Google Meet at lunch (11:05-11:55) on Tuesdays.

You’re invited to join the competitive robotics team at A3 called TRA3N REX! The season will be VERY different this year because of the pandemic, but we’re going to push through to make it work. If you’re interested (and especially underrepresented groups such as a person of color or a student who identifies as she/her pronouns) please contact Cody at cody.rosenberg@springfield.k12.or.us.

Weird Random Conversations Hosted by Cody:
Come to the Google Meet “weirdrando” this Wednesday Oct. 7 from 2pm-3pm and have a weird random conversation with your A3 family. We’ll form breakout rooms for topics that “trend” and then just keep hanging out and socializing and see what else comes up. FIND YOUR PEOPLE AT A3 and get you WAGGISH ON! And when it’s over, start a Discord, exchange Instagram thingies, text, do GenZ stuff. OK, Zoomers?!?! Just go into meet, type in “weirdrando” and join in.