September 21-25, 2020 Newsletter

Good morning and welcome back! We are excited to begin this new school year, and look forward to having a great year with you. This is the first weekly newsletter, we will post a newsletter every week, typically on Mondays.

Student Class Schedules:

If you have questions about your schedule please email Wendy at Please note:

You forecast the classes you are in, classes can not be changed unless:

-There was a scheduling error on our part (academic misplacement)

-A graduation requirement is needed

-A documented health issue (a physician statement required) stating limitations

If you notice an error, please bring it to our attention within the first three days of school. This will allow for a timely response and correction, if needed.

Parent and StudentVue

ParentVue instructions are on SPS website

If you can’t get in to your account please try restarting your computer and/or clearing your cache. Parent and StudentVue access link:

StudentVue user name is your ‘firstname.lastname’ Password is the first two letters of your last name followed by your six digit Student ID (lunch number. The first letter is uppercase and the second letter is lowercase. For example: “John” would be Jo123456

Tech and Supply Pick Up

You can still pick up your technology and supplies at the main A3 building from 9-4 each day.

Check Your Emails Daily!

It is very important that students and families read all emails generated from A3 and SPS. We recommend bookmarking your email account page for quick access. Students receive information in their emails through their SPS accounts, and it is an expectation that students will check their SPS emails daily. Although at times the flood of information might be overwhelming, skipping emails will put students at a disadvantage, as they will miss extremely important information. If you don’t know how to access your email please check in with us to get set up. Remember: if you have a question, it is very likely you will find the answer in your email inbox.

Letter From our Counselor, Wendy:

My name is Wendy Zacharias and I am the counselor at A3. Welcome to A3! I work with students and help with scheduling and planning for what comes after high school, and to help plan for careers and college. I am a resource for students who may be having social and or emotional issues and can be a resource for families who may need to access agencies in our community.

My contact info:

541-726-3232 ex 77213

Helping families in need!

Thanks to the generosity of the PTSA and other community donations, we are pleased to offer some financial assistance to families impacted by the fire. Please contact Ame directly to coordinate a pick up time.


You’re invited to join the competitive robotics team at A3 called TRA3N REX! The season will be VERY different this year because of the pandemic, but we’re going to push through to make it work. If you’re interested (and especially underrepresented groups such as a person of color) please contact Cody at

GSA/QSA/LGBTQIA+ Club – Tuesdays at Lunch:

Come one, come all to the Gay-Straight-Questioning Alliance. No matter your orientation, pronouns, or preferences, if you are friendly, open and non-judgmental, we would love to have you. Please join us!! Talk with friends, discuss issues and advocacy. Be a positive voice for change. Jill is the staff advisor of this group.

We will have a Google Meet at lunch (11:05-11:55) on Tuesdays.


Are you hoping to have a club this year? Clubs are student generated, and students are responsible for finding a staff advisor for their club. Please reach out to Ame to give her the following info:

1. Staff advisor name

2. Club name

3. Time/day of the week of the meeting