Why A3

A3 is way different than what you might normally be accustomed to in school. A3 focuses on knowledge, skills, and personal responsibility. We want to produce students who can engage the world and make changes. To achieve that goal, we restructured the way we deliver your education. We crafted a series of challenging, real world projects designed to develop and sharpen your skills. And thirdly, we designed our program to make you responsible for your own success.

In order to keep you, the learner, at the center of our efforts, we restructured the way we deliver your education. A3 students are team taught by academic teachers who work along with or are the arts core teachers. This allows us to keep better track of your progress and difficulties. We try to tailor our teaching efforts to meet your specific needs. A3 teachers meet for two hours or more each week to discuss student progress. Working together, we improve the quality of your education.

At the center of the A3 program are a series of projects that students work on in teams. Projects are designed to teach you the skills that will serve you after your high school days are over. You will learn how to gather and sort information, to think critically, to speak publicly, to organize people and events, to write effectively, and to communicate visually and dramatically. You will learn to take risks, to test new ideas, and to overcome your fears. You will never have worked harder in your school life – and you will have fun doing it.

The third important aspect of A3 is your development as an active participant in your own education. You will have new responsibilities that previously your teachers handled for you. You will have to negotiate your work schedule, choose how to divide up tasks in a project, decide when to meet with other students. You will even make decisions about the grades you receive. Your A3 teachers will be there to give you successful strategies and structures for all these decisions and responsibilities.

The world needs your voice; A3 will help you find it.