Below is the process for obtaining your Registered Teaching License through Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). Below that is the process for re-applying for an expired Registered Teaching License.


New Registered Teacher Application Process


Your Registered Teaching license will give you permission to teach only at A3. If you already have a Preliminary, Legacy or Professional teaching license, you do not need to apply for a Registered Teaching License.

You will need to send an application packet with the following items.


C-1 form with payment*

Official Transcripts

Letter from the Director of A3


Fingerprint card-follow instructions to the letter.

You will also need to take the ORELA test. The results will be sent to TSPC by ORELA.


Below are the instructions for each required item. You can access more information along with the forms directly online by logging on through this link:

Or by clicking the links in the appropriate sections below:


*C-1 FORM:

TSPC now requires that all applications for teaching licenses, new and renewal, be processed through their new portal. They will not accept any applications not processed through their portal. Just go to the TSPC main page  and click on eLicensing Portal on the left side of the screen. It will take you through the process of what is required.

The fee for new and renewal licenses are $ 140.00 plus a $ 10.00 portal use fee. Keep a copy of your check and submit it to Emerald for reimbursement.

 C-1 Form Instructions



Request you transcripts from your colleges. They can be sent to you and submitted with your application. Transcript fees can be submitted to Emerald for reimbursement.



Ed Mendelssohn will need to write a letter outlining what grades and classes you will be teaching at A3. Please request the letter from him. It will need to be mailed with your application.



You will need to submit an up-to-date resume’ with your application.



Click HERE to access the main TSPC website. Look for “Fingerprinting” on the left and click on it. Download and read all instructions. TSPC is very specific with how they will accept fingerprints. Take the forms and a 9 x 12 envelope to the sheriff’s department.  The sheriff’s department can provide an envelope for a fee of 25 cents. The sheriff’s department will provide the fingerprinting card. Follow all instructions to the letter that TSPC provides. The sheriff department person who is doing your fingerprinting will need to put the completed required form and the fingerprinting card in the 9 x 12 envelope, seal it and then sign the seal. There is a $15.00 charge for the fingerprinting. Save your receipt and submit it to Emerald for reimbursement.

Download the Fingerprinting Instructions Form here.


Required ORELA test: (access test through the link below)

Go through the process of setting up an account with ORELA. You will need to take the Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment. There is a link to help you study for the test, set up your test site and pay. If this is the first time you have signed up with ORELA, there will be a $ 130.00 fee. This includes the cost of the test and a one time registration fee. Keep your receipt and submit it to Emerald for reimbursement. If your test site is outside the Eugene/Springfield area, we will pay you a mileage reimbursement. See Emerald for the form.


Professional Development Units (PDU’s)

When you reapply for your license in three years you will need to prove a certain number of PDU’s. We recommend that you keep track of them so you can easily transfer the information onto a PDU sheet when the time comes. You can claim staff collaboration, meetings and trainings. See TSPC instructions for more information on what qualifies as a PDU.



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