Since we are a Springfield Public School District sponsored Charter School, we have the district manage many aspects of the way A3 is ran. The intranet is a link to those services. I will be directing you to the intranet numerous times through this training.



1. Go to the district website,, and click on the Intranet icon at the top right.
2. You’ll be asked to log in. (Note: This is different from the past, when you didn’t have to log in as long as you were on a networked computer.)
3. Login is synced with district email: User name is the first part of the email address (first.last). Password is your email password.
4. You’ll stay logged in until you close that browser.

Quick Tip: To access your email, just click on the email button at the top right of the home page screen. This bypasses the Staff Resources area for quicker access.

If you have trouble logging in, please read through the Staff Login Help page to help troubleshoot.




The district requires you to read and sign the SPRINGNET policies before you can be set up for anything from your email to the Synergy Student tracking system.

To access the SPRINGNET documents from the intranet home page, click the link that says TECHNOLOGY SERVICES listed under DEPARTMENTS on the left side of the page, then scroll down to the Technology Policies section and click on Springnet. You will need to read the document, sign the last page and fax it to Alex Bauman at 541-726-3456.  Only fax the signature page.

You will see the SPRINGNET policies again when you do the SAFESCHOOLS trainings. It just requires that you electronically indicate that you have read and understand the policies for using the internet and intranet.

Spend some time on the INTRANET HOME PAGE to see what is offered.


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