Becoming a A3 Intern Host

The A3 Internship Program of The Academy of Arts and Academics works with the local business and non-profit community to design meaningful professional positions for high school juniors and seniors. By working alongside professionals in a specific industry, students preview their future and gain increased enthusiasm for a career.

This valuable experience assists them in acquiring many of the skills and occupational expertise needed in a field of interest. Through the A3 Internship Program, interns become more focused on their careers, as well as potential future educational options.

Students typically intern 36-40 hours per week at the site, earning high school credit for the unpaid experience. Participants are supported by Jessica, the Internship Coordinator throughout the experience.

Hundreds of local businesses and organizations representing all career pathways host A3 interns.  A sampling of past Internship sites can be found here: Businesses PDF

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