P3 Teacher Grant Request Form

Every year P3 sets aside money for teachers to help fund classes, conferences, projects, and field trips that will help the students reach academic goals and learning targets the teacher has set for the class. If you need money for a field trip or conference that is not a class requirement, then we prefer that individual students who have a need use the P3 Student Scholarship Application to request funds for that endeavor.

Guidelines for applying for this funding:

  1. Since we have a limited amount of funds, and sometimes the need can be great, we request that every effort is made to find the funding within the A3 Budget. Sometimes this has been an issue, but usually teachers have done an outstanding job of creatively searching out additional sources of funding.
  2. Be accountable to P3 for the stewardship of the funds provided, e.g., showing how this money will help the students reach the academic goals you have set for your students, giving examples of what the students have learned. This can be done by submitting a written or verbal report at one of our P3 Leadership meetings the first Monday of each month..
  3. Show documentation of the costs, receipts, etc.
  4. We may ask that you present your request at one of our P3 Leadership meetings the first Monday of the month. We really like to hear how we are helping A3 teachers and students reach their goals. Please be mindful of the timing of your request as we would prefer to have this request presented in person at our monthly meetings before the activity is scheduled to take place.