P3 Student Grants

Every school year, P3 sets aside a limited amount of money to provide grants for students to help fund classes, conferences, projects or training activities that will help them reach their academic and career goals.

Grants are limited to $300 per student per school calendar year.

In return for this financial assistance, we ask you that you:

1. Complete the P3 Student Grant Application found below.

2. Clearly state the purpose of your grant request and explain how this money will help reach the academic goals they have set for yourself.

3. For individual or group requests greater than $50, P3 asks that you present at a P3 Leadership meeting (generally the first Tuesday of each month) before your activity is scheduled to take place. Please contact the A3 Community Connections Coordinator at least a week before the meeting to schedule.

4. Submit receipts or billing statements to the A3 bookkeeper from the educational institution for classes, books, fees, etc. College fees, J-term fees and cap and gown expenses can be directly paid. Other funding must be through reimbursement – meaning that you generally need to pay for your activity first and then request reimbursement. We try to be very prompt with that reimbursement.

5. Be accountable. We like to see that you’ve made good use of the funds by doing your best – by getting good grades (required grade C or better), creating a successful project, showing progress towards academic goals, etc. In other words, for us to pay for a class for you, you need to first take – and pass – the class, then submit evidence to get reimbursed.

6. We like to hear how it all went down. Within two weeks of the activity/class/etc., please drop us a note to tell us how it went. For bigger requests we might ask you to come and present at a meeting (and by the way, you are always welcome to come and present – but we love it if you schedule).

7. We believe in the concept of giving back/paying it forward. This means that if you’ve gotten a grant from us, you give us a bit of your time in return. Some ways to do that are:

  • Volunteer with the A3 Recycle Crew at Ducks’ home games – fall only.
  • Assisting during P3 fundraising activities (P3 tabling at new parent nights, registration and other events; talking up Autzen; selling spirit wear; etc.).
  • Assisting during P3 informational activities or any P3-sponsored social functions.
  • Other creative ways of giving back to the A3 community (subject to P3 team approval).


1. Download our  Student Grant Application or fill it out online.

2. Download this form for your essay (submit within two weeks of your activity, please) or complete the essay online.