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Both campuses of the Academy of Arts and Academics are built around a particular vision: we believe that students make the most of their learning when they take ownership of their education – when students intentionally choose to take on the challenge, real learning entails. We further believe that this ownership most naturally develops within a learning community, encouraged by others who share that commitment. Creating such a learning community, however, isn’t simplistic. While our common vision has evolved, a few foundational commitments continue to shape our school, whether it’s Arts & Academics or Health & Sciences:

Integration: While much of American schooling tends to compartmentalize and over-specialize, we are committed to integration: we want students to see their learning, their world, and their lives whole. Thus, we seek to help students make connections within academic disciplines, between the academics and the arts, between their lives now and their lives as they enter the larger global community in a very few years.

Excellence: With this holistic vision firmly in mind, we also believe students deserve the opportunity to go deep – to develop and pursue a particular passion at increasingly greater depth, guided by mentors in our community who can encourage excellence. Because such connections take time – and because real community involves relationships – we commit ourselves to this particular group of students over the course of four years, and we ask that students make a similar commitment to this learning community.



In the 2012/13 school year, A3 expanded, adding a new campus with a focus on Health & Sciences. The A3 Health & Science Campus is part of the A3 Charter School, but the program is intentionally separate from the Arts & Academics Campus. As each campus is autonomous, students commit to one and the only cross-over is in the afternoon elective classes that students from either campus may take.  Students may APPLY to both campuses, but, when accepted, must choose one or the other, depending on space availability.



Freshmen enter A3 as full members of the community, either in the Arts & Academics Campus or the Health & Science Campus. They become part of the core, working alongside other A3 students. On both campuses, core academic classes, such as Health, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math are integrated together where integrating them makes sense and is valuable. Everyone takes two years of Spanish.

Students at the Arts & Academics will build up a foundation of movement and design skills in art electives and, during the junior & senior years, will be expected to take advantage and seek out experiences to broaden and deepen their craft.

In the Health & Science Campus, 9th and 10th grade students will study core science and math skills and apply them to a variety of projects for public demonstration. During the junior & senior years, students at the Health & Sciences Campus will spend a good deal of their days either at UO taking college-level math & science courses with support for their learning done at A3 as well as in deep intern/mentorships doing scientific research or working at a health care facility.  HSC students take afternoon electives along side their Arts and Academics campus counterparts.

The senior year at A3 – regardless of which campus – should end with a bang, not a whimper. As a culminating experience of their high school education, seniors will be expected to finish strong academically, of course, and pursue their arts or health/science focus at greater depth. Finally, seniors are encouraged to take on a Studio project. This senior project creates opportunities within a student’s daily schedule to pursue a personal, well-defined goal. The Studio project, an individualized plan designed by each student with the help of appropriate faculty, and approved by a panel of staff and community members, may take the form of an internship, an exhibition, a research or community service project, or a production.


CLOSE-UP: the fine print

In addition to all Springfield Public Schools high school graduation requirements (24 credits), students graduating from the A3 will complete course work that will make them eligible to attend an Oregon 4 year college. Further, to maintain the integrity of A3’s program and each student’s educational experience, students are expected to attend full time; that is, they must enroll in a minimum number of courses each semester, and be part of our school from the point they enter till they graduate.

As we’ve said before, the A3 isn’t for everyone. Still, we sincerely believe that A3’s unique learning community provides opportunities for students to take real ownership of their education.

Finally, this application process is not about “selecting” students, but rather to help the student make an informed choice about selecting A3.

If there’s room, every student who completes the application process will be admitted to A3.

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