If you are not scheduled in the Wildish for a class please don’t assume it is available. Check with us first.


We will be training some students on how to operate the sound and lighting equipment – when possible please use them in your classes.


IF you use sound or lighting equipment during your class, PLEASE return the tech desk to how it was when you got there. Including, but not limited to:

  • any re-plugging or re-assigning of sound channels on the board;
  • re-configuring the video components and wiring.
  • Turning off all equipment and lighting
  • Removing any debris from the area


Please have students pick up after themselves in audience area – Particularly on days when we have events in the evening.


Plan that classes will be held under the work lights….IF you need the stage lights, please use them as little as possible.


Students are to use the bathroom backstage…if needed they can use the downstairs bathrooms in the lobby. The toilets on the main floor of the lobby are to remain locked.


At the end of each week, please check the green room and remove any un-needed items.


All staff and students should enter the building from the back door off the alley. The back door policy is NOT a power trip…. the front doors get abused and they are VERY expensive to fix.


For the theater department: Let’s start a practice of striking the night of the final performance. When we don’t do that, stuff gets left for WAY too long.