There are a number of trainings you are required to take. Here is the list and how to access them.


First Aid/CPR/EPI/Medication Certification

This training is done at the district. There is one training per month and they fill up fast so sign up ASAP. ” In order to sign up for the training please go to the intranet, click on Health Services and follow the instructions to sign up.  Contact Kassie if you need any further help.


Safe Schools Training

This is an on-line training site. You will need to log on as follows:

Go to the intranet, click on the safe schools icon on the top of the page. Put in the first two letters of your last name and the last five digits of your social security number. Please do all the trainings before the due dates.

You are a mandatory reporter.  You are required to contact DHS any time you suspect that abuse is happening. It is not your job to determine if abuse is happening. The warning signs of child abuse are outlined in your Safe Schools training. Please use this form: Suspected Abuse Reporting Form when contacting DHS. Make sure you have one other staff member present when you call DHS. Let Mike Fisher know anytime you contact DHS.


Friday morning Collaboration

Friday mornings from 8-9:45 is a time set aside for teacher trainings. You will be required to attend these trainings. They qualify for PDU’s so make sure you keep track of them for when you need to renew your license.



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