There are a number of programs we use to help students in need. Here is information on the main ones.

HOMELESS STUDENTS: The McKinney-Vento Program is a federally funded program to help students who are homeless. The definition of homeless is couch surfing, highly mobile, doubled up, transitional, living in car, camping, motel/hotel, unaccompanied youth, living with family not a legal guardian, shelter, or awaiting permanent foster care. Contact Wendy or Emerald if you believe a student is homeless. They will help the student with the correct paperwork and services. You do not need to decide if they are, just let them know and they will take it from there. Please help us with this so all homeless students will get the available help form this very necessary program.


BRATTAIN HOUSE: The Brattain House, located by Springfield High School, is a program through Springfield Public Schools that offers many areas of support. If you hear that a student needs clothes or food, please contact Emerald or Wendy. They will connect with the student to offer resources.


CLOTHING VOUCHERS: We get just a few clothing vouchers at the beginning of the school year. They help with undergarments, shoes and socks. If you know of a student in need, please send the name to Emerald. They run out fast so don’t offer it unless you check with Emerald first. This is funded by donations to the Brattain House.


HARASSMENT REPORT AND RESPONSE: If you have a student who is reporting bullying or harassment please refer the student to Odessa. If necessary, please refer to this form: Student to Student Harassment Report and Response Form


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION: We have a large number of low income families. This form, Financial Assistance Application, is used for getting a free or reduced bus pass from A3. Nicole manages this process so ask her if you have any questions or send the student to her if help is needed.


INTERNSHIPS: Jessica Thomas manages all internships. If a student is asking about one, send that student to her. The student should fill out this form: Internship Application pg 1  Internship Application pg 2.  You can pick up the internship application at the front desk of the 615 Main Street building.

YKA: Each student and staff is allowed to nominate one person each year who has gone above and beyond. The completed form is turned in to Nicole. YKA Nomination Form



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