Procedure for money collected at events


Whenever an event is charging money, the following procedure needs to be followed to ensure proper internal control of any money collected. Please read instructions thoroughly.


1) Two people, one person being an adult and the other being a responsible student or another adult, must be involved in the collection of money.


2) Sequential numerical tickets need to be given out to the ticket holder. You will need to record the beginning ticket number when sales start and the last ticket sold once sales have been completed. Please use the form attached below.


3) You will need to balance the money received with the number of tickets sold on the attached form. Also, record the denominations. Do not include the cash box money in the tally. Please put the equivalent of the cash box money in the cash box envelope. If there is another performance the next day, set up the correct denominations in the cash box for the next night of sales. They are listed on the front of the cash box envelope.


4) The two people who are involved with the collection of money will need to sign the bottom of the form.


5) Please make sure all information is complete on the form. Seal the envelope with the money and completed form inside. Sign the seal.


6) Keep secure, then turn the form and money in to the school Main desk to be receipted asap.


Money Collected at Events Form




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