It is NOT your responsibility to manage any medication for students, unless you are the designated medically trained person for field trips.  No student should ever have any medication on them, prescription or over the counter, during any school class time or activity. The only exception would be an inhaler if the student has a note in the nurse’s office. If you have any concerns, please talk to Nicole, Odessa or Fawn. Odessa is the Health Aide for the A3 Main campus, and Fawn is the Health Aide for the Health and Science Campus. Any one of them could help you.



Student accidents are inevitable. Here is the process for handling any accident that happens in your classroom. Once a student is hurt, please take the student to the Health Aide for the designated building. Never allow students to walk to the main building or to the nurse’s office by themselves. If an accident report needs to be filled out, please fill out the Student Accident Report Form and get it to the Health Aide as soon as possible. Any head injury requires more paperwork and communication with the family. This is the Health Aide’s responsibility. If you see a student on the floor not doing well, always get the Health Aide. Do not allow the student or a friend to convince you that it is all ok. It is our responsibility to alert the Health Aide when there is an accident or we are concerned about the health of a student. If needed; Head Injury Instructions, Instrucciones Para Lesiones en la Cabeza



Protocols are written for all students that have a health issue that needs to be monitored. It is your responsibility to check the protocol book before field trips but it is also important to check it before the school year starts and periodically through the year as you have new students in your classes.  Protocols can be for anything from food allergy reactions to seizures. There are many health issues that can cause problems very quickly. The protocol book is located in the health room behind the main desk in the 615 Main Street building.

See the training section for information on your required medical trainings.



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