There may be a time during the school year where you are in need of an independent contractor for your students. Examples: End of year juried reviews where a professional in the field needs to be a part of the grading process or you need a professional for a student production. There are budget line items for this so email Emerald first to make sure that there is money in the budget. Once it is determined that there is money in the budget you will get your budget amount. It is your responsibility to stay within your budget.


Once you have your contractor, please email Ed with the name, email address and amount you will be paying. The rate is $ 100.00 for an eight (8) hour day. That works out to $ 12.50 per hour. If the contactor works 4 hours it will be $ 50.00 and so forth. He will then email the completed contract and W-9 to the contractor.

The items Emerald will need to pay the contract are:


Filled out and Signed contract

Filled out and signed W-9

Invoice for Independent Contractors  (stating what the contractor did and dollar amount owed)


An invoice template is provided for the contractor’s convenience or they can make their own invoice, just make sure the pertinent information is provided.


Once all the items are completed, please turn them in to Emerald. The payment will be processed through Springfield Public Schools Accounts Payable department. Payables are paid on Thursdays so please have all documentation in to Emerald by Friday of the prior week to help ensure prompt payment.





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