A Field Trip Permission Form is required for all field trips. Please have both pages filled out, signed by Mike, and distributed to the students at least two weeks before the trip. Have the deadline for return of the forms at least three (3) days before the trip. Make sure both sides are copied. Field Trip Permission Form pg 1 / Field Trip Permission Form pg 2

PLEASE READ: Scheduling Field Trip sack lunch

If you need a school bus for the trip, you will need to have the following information emailed to Emerald twelve (12) school days before the event:

Destination of trip

Leave time and date

Return time and date (Not the time the bus will leave the field trip location but the time you will expect to be back at the school.)

Contact name and phone # of person in charge of the trip.

Address of your destination..

How many students.

How many adults.

Do you need a bus with under storage?

Is a wheelchair accommodation required?


You are required to submit all field trips through google doc below.

Please make sure you fill in all required information. Also, make sure you put the field trip in the right month. Each month sheet is listed on the bottom of the google doc. Make sure you use this doc even if you do not need a bus.

Make sure the form from Column P, the Teacher Field Trip Request form, is turned in to Odessa 2 weeks before the trip. Make sure you attach a list of students going on the trip to Odessa with the Teacher Field Trip Request 2 weeks before the trip. Just give her a list of all students in your class so she can do her med check.  Also, make sure you submit your request at least 12 SCHOOL DAYS before the field trip.

Please  be very aware of the timing of the whole field trip process. It is very important to follow all the processes for a successful field trip.

Emerald will email you when the bus reservation is complete.

Make sure a district medically trained person with med/epi/first aid/CPR/blood borne pathogen/AED trainings goes on the trip. You will be issued a med kit along with any meds for the students you are taking. Make sure you pick it up from Odessa before you leave and return it to Odessa when you get back. Do not send it back with students.

Email the staff a list of which students you are taking with date and time they will be gone.

At least one  staff member needs to be on the bus during transport time. Do not, at any time, expect the bus driver to be the staff person. Volunteers DO NOT qualify as the adult in charge.

Take all completed field trip forms with you on the trip. They will give you all the information you need just in case there is an issue or injury.

Make sure every student who went on the trip is accounted for before you leave to return to the school.

Make sure you send an email to all staff with a list of the students you are taking, where you are going and the times they will leave and return at least 2 days prior to the field trip.

After the field trip, it is our responsibility to return the medication you checked out. Do not give it to a student  to return it to the Health Aide.  This is a huge violation of Health Confidentiality laws.



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