The school is required to conduct specified drills during the school year. We will be doing the following drills.

FIRE DRILLS: Done every month from September to June

LOCK DOWN DRILLS: Done two times a year.

EARTHQUAKE DRILLS: Done two times a year.

Please refer to the schedule for dates and times, or:

Download  Health and Sciences Campus Drills Schedule

Download Arts and Academics Campus Drills Schedule


Fire Drill Procedure

Before drill:

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the escape route posted in the classroom.
  2. Ensure that there is a red/green card posted in your classroom. If not, connect with the front desk.
  3. Make sure you have a class list with updated attendance.


When the fire drill is activated:


1.  Have students leave the room in a calm orderly fashion.

2.  Take class list and red/green card to drill with you.

3.  Take the students to the pre-designated area.

4.   Ensure that all students are present.

5.   Hold the green side of the card over your head if all students are accounted for, or the red side if any students are missing.

6.  If any students are missing, please account for them ASAP.

7.  Wait for the all clear to be called before going back to the school.


Lock Down Drill Procedure


When Code Red is announced all classroom teachers are required to do the following:

  1. Lock the door.
  2. Cover the door window.
  3. Close blinds and turn off lights.
  4. Make room appear unoccupied.
  5. Move students away from doors and windows.
  6. Have students sit on the floor and remain quiet.
  7. Allow no one in or out of the room.
  8. Take attendance.
  9. Await further instructions.
  10. Always remain calm and quiet.
  11. Reassure the students that they are safe.


When Code Blue is called the students and staff will continue the class but no students or staff can leave the building. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building until an all clear is called.


Earthquake Drill Procedures


Once the drill is announced, all teachers and students will conduct the DROP Procedure (duck, cover and hold).

This procedure consists of everyone dropping to their knees, taking cover under a table or desk, protecting their head with arms if not under a table or desk, and face away from windows or mirrors. Download Earthquake Procedures for your classroom.

(Note: In an actual earthquake, teachers shall immediately instruct students to the DROP Procedure (duck, cover, and hold) until the earth movement stops, and then evacuate the building immediately).

• All students, teachers, and other employees shall quickly leave the building in an orderly manner.

• Teachers shall take with them to the evacuation area the student roster.

• Teachers shall ascertain that no student remains in the classroom by placing the red or green laminated sheet. (i.e. green meaning all clear in the classroom and red meaning there is a problem in the classroom).

• Teachers shall leave the doors open as they are leaving the room – as to not have the doors jam/shift in an actual earthquake.

• Teachers shall be prepared to select alternate exits and shall direct their classes to these exits whenever the designated escape route is blocked.

• All students, teachers, and other employees shall not walk directly under the corridors. They shall walk away from the building then onto the escape route.

• Custodians shall secure the main valve shut offs (1) Gas, (2) Electric, (3) Water – in this order based on the situation (i.e. go to the location of all valves).

• Staff shall take with them out to the evacuation area the Health Book and medication box.

• The school administrator shall make sure that all classrooms are accounted for by having in place a check-in system for each classroom (i.e. having a runner from each classroom coming up to the school administrator indicating “Room____ all present”.

• Assemble and identify the Student Release Team.

• Assemble and identify the Disaster Medical Team.

• Assemble and identify the Search and Rescue Team Station.

The school administrator shall keep a record of each Earthquake/Disaster Drill and mail it to Business, Risk Management and Benefits Department when required



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