At A3 all community members (students, staff, teachers & families) commit to keeping our community agreements. They are:


Be Present

  • · Show up—physically and mentally and be conscientious about behavior
  • · Respect time—on time, use time efficiently
  • · Limit side talk
  • · Use clarifying and probing questions
  • · Tune in to purpose, intention and outcome
  • · Get to the point, don’t emotionalize


Share Your Truth

  • · Speak up with no shame, blame, judgment or excuses
  • · Pay attention to everyone’s heart and meaning
  • · Mistakes are learning opportunities
  • · Separate feedback on process from personal hurt
  • · Conscientious about compassionate straight talk
  • · Awareness of humor/implications of sarcasm
  • · Talk straight when affected and let it go
  • · Listen to understand, not to defend
  • · Stand up for what you know is right


Be Open

  • · Be open to outcome—but not afraid of it
  • · Keep others at the heart of all work and decisions
  • · Honor perspectives and ideas other than your own
  • · Suspend assumptions
  • · Suspend judgment in process
  • · Consider better options than your initial ideas



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