How does A3 Communicate?

A3 Website:  is the online site to find the school calendar, current events, teacher information and more. Be sure to register for our online newsletter – just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Sign up for Newsletter” link and follow the directions. Signing up for the newsletter automatically signs you ups for the A3 Parent Weekly Email.

A3 Parent Weekly Email: Our goal is to increase frequency and reliability of communication between the school and student families, as well as provide opportunities for parents to learn more about our school. An email is sent out each week to keep parents informed on school functions and volunteer opportunities. You can get the email by signing up for our newsletter on our website. You can opt out at any time.

Jupiter Grades: This is a web-based program where teachers post class learning targets, attendance, student grades, projects and assignments. Parents can request updates for assignments and attendance through email or by texting. Once your student has their school ID number they will be able to access their class information, and so will you. Occasional email alerts and information are sent from school staff to parents and students.

Weather Updates & Emergencies: You can get up-to-date information on closures or emergencies by signing up through the district’s service ( or through Jupiter Grades. For really important messages, we’ll send them out by text message. Please go to your settings in Jupiter Grades and enable this function.


Where do I go if I have questions?

A3 Parent Connections: Connection events are fun, informative and low-key. Designed to build community and expand communication, parent involvement is highly encouraged. Sign up to receive online invitations before event is announced to the general school population. For more information, contact Emily Borden, A3 Community Connections Coordinator by calling 54-744-7204 or emailing her at

Attendance & Main Building: Contact the office at 541-744-6728

Student Guidance Counselor: Wendy Zacharias, call the office at 541-744-6728 or email her at  

Teacher email:

All staff and teacher email addresses are listed on the website. You can always contact them directly.

Writing Group Teacher:

Each student is assigned to a writing group. Their writing group teacher is a great resource when you have questions about the school. Their contact email is available on the school website. You can also call them at the school. If they are not available please leave a message and they will get back to you.



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