Welcome to A3’s Health and Science Campus

Our goal is to develop a school that will engage students’ passion for science and health through a learning environment focused on inquiry, research, professional experiences, and college coursework. Central to this purpose is the promotion of independent thinkers, who have the skills to pursue open ended problems, understand the power of collaboration, and interpret and communicate meaning from real world situations.


The Academy of Arts and Academics, A3, has expanded to include a new campus with a Health and Science focus, the A3 Health and Science Campus, an off-shoot of the already successful Academy of Arts and Academics. Fifty-two students, ranging from 9th through 12th grade, began in September, 2012. The school will eventually accommodate approximately 100 students.

One School, Two Campuses

The Health and Science Campus, though a part of the A3 charter school, is its own, mostly self-contained, educational experience. Led by Math & Science Teacher, Jason Valley, who works full time at the campus, HSC is supported by A3 staff in other academic areas, such as Language Arts, Social Studies, and Spanish. HSC students participate in elective classes alongside students at A3 Main.

HSC is located at 402 Main St, just two blocks from A3 Main. The new space features an open floor plan with dividers, reconfigurable to fit the needs of the students and the curricula. Health and Science Campus students have access to lab equipment and state of the art technology either in the new building or through the various partnerships already established with UO and other science-based businesses. A3 is committed to the revitalization of Downtown Springfield.

The Benefits

The Health and Science Campus builds upon the vision and mission that has made A3 a success. The broad spectrum of science and health (as well as other academics and subject matter) are integrated into unique opportunities for practical and rigorous research and demonstrations. HSC students explore a wide range of science and health topics their first two years, independently researching relevant questions and coming up with evidence to support their conclusions in demonstrations before the general public or panels of professionals in the field. In the junior and senior years, students have:

  • Research opportunities with a UO genetics lab and through a partnership with the Center for Green Chemistry
  • Connections with LCC, including college coursework like college-level math, as part of the curriculum, allowing each student to graduate with an minimum of 30 college credits
  • Deep, meaningful internships in the health and science fields throughout Lane County

The Health and Science Campus, in keeping with A3’s core philosophy, is designed for ANY student, regardless of past academic success or talent. Students need only have an interest in the health or science fields and a willingness to use their learning in practical applications in order to succeed at HSC. A3’s goal in all its programs is to prepare students for post-high school work, whether it’s college, trade school, or the military. We believe that every student must be ready to learn after graduation, no matter where they choose to go. Graduates from the A3 Health and Science Campus will be ready to enter and likely have an edge in medical support and nursing programs or competitive science studies at four year universities.


Student Outcomes

Our students will:

  • have the skills to engage with and persist through open-ended problems.
  • develop a personal vision for success and the strategies necessary to actively pursue this vision.
  • meaningfully collaborate with peers.
  • communicate complex ideas and reflect on their learning and growth.

More Information

For more information on the A3 Health and Science Campus, please contact the program coordinator, Jason Valley. For general questions about A3, please contact School Director Michael Fisher. For application materials or a tour of A3, please contact A3 Administrative Assistant, Nicole Oster at (541) 744-6728.