A3 is a great school!

What small public high school has one of the highest graduation rates in Lane County?

The 2015/16 graduation rate for A3 is 86%.  That’s one of the top five in Lane County!  A3 has the best graduation rate of any charter high school in the area.  For students with disabilities, A3 has a 100% graduation rate! 


What public high school will pay for your college classes?

A3 will pay tuition at UO and/or LCC for up to 8 credits per college term for juniors and seniors.  If a student took advantage of that every term of their eligibility, they could earn up to 48 college credits in two years!  Additionally, students can get college credit on A3’s campus through the LCC College Now program.  A recent A3 grad earned 62 college credits!  That’s almost two years of full-time college credit!

Additionally, we provide mentoring and support for students taking college classes, as well as homework help and tips for organizing for college success.


What public high school provides a 3-week-long, all-day intensive internship program?

In January 2017, 97 A3 juniors and seniors served as interns all over Lane County and even in Los Angeles!  A3 Internships aren’t “shadows” or “visits,” but are rigorous opportunities that students apply for and undergo the scrutiny of potential employers and internship providers. Students build relationships, find mentors, and provide an important service to the business or organization.  Many A3 interns end up with jobs with their employer or continue the internship beyond the initial 3 weeks.


What public high school provides a low student-to-staff ratio?

Average class size, student to teacher, overall for all morning and afternoon classes, is less than 22 students to one teacher.  In the spirit of “everyone teaches” at A3,  there is a dedicated mentoring class that all staff teach, bringing that class size to a 13-to-1 ratio.


Where do A3 students come from?

Only 51% of the A3 student population currently comes from Springfield.  The other 49% are from Eugene (mostly), Cottage Grove, Fern Ridge, Creswell, Junction City, Harrisburg, etc. . . Because A3 is a charter school, you don’t need to be a Springfield resident to come to A3, no transfer papers to fill out, no negotiating with your home district. And, as always, A3 is tuition-free!


Interested in learning more? Come to one of our Information Nights!

Information nights are for prospective students and their families to ask questions, take workshops, and, if interested, fill out an application.  See the A3 Calendar for the next Info Night session!


About the A3 application

What does an A3 Application look like? Download it HERE or, wait for an information night where you can fill one out in person after we’ve answered all your questions!