CONFLUENCE XIV • Spring, 2016

JUNE 1 & 2

This semester Confluence went public—taking two of the four large-scale projects out of the school and into the community—and it was a huge success!

Inspired by this year’s contentious presidential race, HSC2s held lively mock political debates at City Hall. After spending the semester exploring the basic structure of government and the legislature, they created their own parties, campaigns, and branding. They had video advertisements and even attack ads. They debated on a wide range of of issues, both international and domestic, and had facts to back them up. Adding to the authenticity, moderating the debates was Springfield’s own Mayor Christine Lundberg and City Council President Marilee Woodrow! Visitors were given a voting pamphlet and could vote on the party of their choice. After the tally was counted, the party to win The HSC Democracy Project debates was the Iced Tea party with 17% of the vote.

It was shoulder to shoulder at Sprout! and City Hall, where crowds packed in to sample the food in The Great A3 Food Truck Challenge. HSC2s conducted research a real business would do, speaking with food truck owners, city permitting officials and other business people in an effort to gather the best data possible. Some even conducted taste tests, and refined their recipes based on feedback from their subjects. Guests were impressed by the professional signage and detailed business plans of the students, and were able to vote on their favorites.  And the winners were… 1st place: A Cut Above The Rest; 2nd place: Chia Babies; 3rd place: Frankencrust.

In the main building of the A3 campus, A2s built an interactive museum chronicling the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Entitled In Gandhi’s Footsteps, Visitors walked with Gandhi, experiencing his journey in becoming the non-violent revolutionary who helped lead India toward independence. Along the way, guests not only could read the large museum-quality displays, but had the opportunity to write their names in Gandhi’s native language, spin yarn, wrap a sari or dhoti, learn how to make salt, and much more. The project, a culmination of A1s yearlong study of Gandhi’s life and philosophy of nonviolence, was extensive and even included a museum store with handmade items by the students. Money raised from the store went to an NGO in India.

Set at HSC campus, student docents led their audiences through a somber maze in HSC1s exhibit Genetic Horror Story. Basic scientific genetic concepts and thought-provoking lessons about the consequences of perceived genetic superiority through a historical exploration of eugenics, racism and genocide, were explored through interactive displays, live skits and videos.


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