Welcome to A3’s Writing Department

At A3 students are offered a variety of writing classes that range from college preparatory writing to poetry and creative writing.

In addition to their classes, all students participate in Writing Group.

Writing Group is an advisory program that focuses on the various modes of writing. Most staff members teach a writing group and serve as a mentor to advocate for students’ needs. Writing group is also the place where the community values of our school are established and discussed.

Quick facts about Writing Group:

  • Designed as an advisory, students work with a mentor teacher for four years with an emphasis on school community and critical thinking.
  • Most staff members lead a writing group, allowing more opportunity for one-on-one supports with literacy skills, career exploration, college preparation, public presentation and portfolio preparation.
  • Portfolio reviews are an essential component of student ownership and community. The writing group creates the atmosphere for students to create their portfolios for EDCRO review, Mid-Year review and Student Led Conferences.