Internships at A3

At the Academy of Arts and Academics we offer students a variety of ways to enrich their education and prepare for the future through work internships within the community.

The A3 internship program is designed to help students acquire some of the skills used in their field of interest and learn how to develop and maintain contacts while working in a professional environment. By learning occupational expertise, students often gain increased enthusiasm for a possible career, or they redirect their future plans. These discoveries have encouraged our students to become more focused on their careers, studies, and life after high school.

Some of the past participating businesses have been The Hanger Clinic, Marche’ Provisions, Cornbread Cafe, BiCoastal Media, and Tensegrity.

Download the following forms to learn more, and if you have any questions, please contact  Jessica

A3_Internship Application

Interview Prep PDF

Resume Formatting PDF


Important forms for all students requesting internships:

Before you begin:

Rather fill out our application online? Click Here   **Please note that you will still have to download the Work Site Learning Agreement and the Parent/Student Internship Agreement (above). Thanks!

Teachers, please fill out THIS FORM to provide reference for your student(s) seeking internships.

During your internship:

After your internship: