Student Speak

Students at A3 are directly in touch with their community during all phases of their education. Throughout the academic year, students, parents, faculty and community members gather together to discuss what has been learned, assess what the student has left to accomplish, and check in with the student’s individual goals. This is done in several ways:

Student Led Conferences

Student-led conferences put students in charge, holding them responsible and accountable for their education. During these conferences students provide examples of their work to demonstrate what they are learning in each of their classes.


“Choices” is a special presentation of health and other life-skills workshops done on Friday mornings in place of regular academic classes.  Students are encouraged to work with teachers to present these workshops. Topics include sexual consent/assault, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, coping with divorce and family stress, post-high school options, and body image.


Art-abration is an opportunity for students to showcase finished or “in-progress” pieces associated with their classwork. They take place prior to long breaks.


Scheduled at the end of each term, Confluence is a whole school public demonstration that features work from the arts core and academic classes. The event occurs multiple nights and features work from all students in all areas. The public and families are always invited to attend.

Public Demonstrations

The Public Demonstration is a chance for students to synthesize their learning into an overarching project that is presented to an audience of community members and families. Public Demonstrations are scheduled at least once each semester. Participation is required in most classes.


J-Term is a three week long ‘mini-term’ when students are able to go out into the greater community to internships, or participate in intensive classes. See a student made video about J-Term.

EDCRO Reviews

In place of finals, students develop a presentation that highlights their applications of the EDCRO process throughout the school year. The EDCRO review is presented to parents, community members, and teachers the final week of school. To prepare for the review, students keep a record of all work done in all classes each year.

Community Meetings

To honor all members of the community, all voices have a chance to be heard. Community meetings at A3 are held regularly to allow students to share their voice in school structures and decisions.