Language Studies

Spanish is the only foreign language that we offer at A3.

All A3 students take 2 years of Spanish. While these can be taken at anytime, 2 consecutive years is recommended.  In order for students to graduate “college ready,” they must have two years of high school level of the same foreign language in order to be accepted to an Oregon 4 year University.  Students can substitute another foreign language, including sign language, by taking two terms of college level foreign language at UO (A3 will pay for the student’s tuition to attend these classes).  However, the student must be able to demonstrate that a language other than Spanish is necessary for their post high school plans in order to qualify for the tuition grant.

Our students are reaching adulthood in an increasingly interconnected world. Many will have jobs that require travel abroad. The study of another language opens windows to other cultures and new perspectives Although the focus of the courses is on basic conversation, reading and writing will also be introduced. Interacting in Spanish with peers is mandatory in these courses. The best language learners are those willing to take risks and make mistakes. Ultimately, we hope that students will want to continue to study other languages and cultures after graduating from A3.