Welcome to A3’s Inquiries Department

INQUIRIES is a combination of Math & Science.

Students experience the content through a variety of activities that incorporate group work, individual practice, and technology. Lessons are designed around complex real-world problems, requiring students to use a wide range of skills for any given lesson. Students apply math and science through interdisciplinary projects.  Since students use inquiry skills outside the context of a textbook, they will see relevance and purpose.

Besides incorporating math in Inquiries projects, most students will also take “Project Math,”  a stand alone project-based math course designed for students to demonstrate math proficiency in a variety of work samples that supplement and can actually replace success on the Smarter Balance state tests.  Students may also opt to enroll in college level Math 95 on the A3 campus or Math 111 or higher at UO.

Science at A3 is based on exploring scientific principles through the integration of multiple subjects and student-centered discovery. Additionally, A3 collaborates with the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History and its Physics Department under UO Professor John Postlewait to create a structure of learning based on real-world inquires, critical thinking, and problem solving in basic and applied sciences.


In places where integration with Humanities is desirable and to the student’s benefit, we will link INQUIRIES projects to HUMANITIES, with students using skills learned from the ARTS CORE to explore and express the outcomes.

At the end of each year students put on a Confluence. Confluence is a whole school public demonstration that features work from the arts core and academic classes. The event is multiple nights and features work from all students in all areas. The public and families are always invited to attend.

Past confluences include: Field Guide – Carnival – Food Carts