Welcome to A3’s Humanities Department

HUMANITIES is a combination of Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Geography, and Philosophy taught through projects and presentations. It is taught on a two year cycle, repeating the same Common Core standards every other year. 9th and 10th Grade students work together on US History and Global Studies while 11th and 12th graders work together on Government, Economics and Global Studies.

Humanities is diverse, evolutionary and interdisciplinary; it encourages creative and critical thinking skills as well as encouraging an in depth approach to learning including student mastery and ownership.

Courses will focus on visual content to introduce and drive our units as well as student interest to delve into specific issues within the larger framework of learning.

At the end of each semester students produce and present “Confluence.”  Confluence is a whole school public demonstration that features work from the arts core and academic classes. The event is multiple nights and features work from all students in all areas. The public and families are always invited to attend.

Past confluences include: Ghandi – Trenches – Elections – Food Carts