Welcome to A3’s Visual Arts Department

A3 Visual arts students focus on a variety of painting and drawing styles with an emphasis on producing art to be showcase in local galleries.

Course Descriptions:

Visual Arts

Includes Drawing & Painting

Design Basics

Students will use elements of design to create & critique art.

Design Expanded

Using skills learned in Design Basics, students will then interact with the community on design commissions. Prerequisite; Design Basics.

Drawing Basics

Students will exhibit examples of a variety of drawing mediums.

Drawing Elaborated

Students will exhibit mastery of three drawing mediums, techniques, and will illustrate & articulate examples of advanced visual arts. Prerequisite; Design Basics or Drawing Basics.

Color & Paint Basics

Students will exhibit examples of color theory and different painting mediums.

Color & Paint Elaborated

Students will extend color theory practice & examples from Color/Paint Basics. Prerequisite; Design Basics or Drawing Basics.

Visual Arts Advanced Studio

Students will explore a variety of painting/drawing projects to create a show.


2nd year class. Students will design and paint a full wall mural in the community.

Advanced Studio

Senior majors may take as many as four Advanced Studio classes as part of their major work. Students will meet with their major advisors to work out projects and due dates, come up with implementation and evaluation plans, and then productions or demonstrations. Studio time can include off campus college classes as well as independent study or internships.

College Now! -Art History

This class will prepare students for the Art History Advanced Placement exam. Entrance by audition & instructor permission.