Welcome to A3’s Theatre Department

Students of A3 Theatre study Acting, History, Production, and Technical Theatre.

A3 theatre students participate in local, regional, and state theatre events as well as work with several local theatre companies including the historic Wildish Theatre where A3 Technical theatre students co-manage productions.

In 2010, members of A3’s Theatre department attended the International Famous Fringe Festival in Edinburg, Scotland.

See a student made video about our Theatre Department.

Course Descriptions:

Beginning Theatre

A basic course in Acting, with emphasis on creating characters & plot.

Story Telling

Students will explore story telling through solo & group productions.

Creative Dramatics

Students use beginning acting skills and transform/adapt material for the stage. Emphasis on children’s literature and performing for youth.

Acting Theory Into Practice

Students will learn a variety of acting techniques and apply them through scene work.

Prerequisite; Beg. TA, Story TA, or Creat. Drama.

Viewpoints and Susuki Training

A professional-level actor’s training program. The class will explore professional movement & acting techniques then create a composition production at the end of the semester. Can be logged as PE.

Directing and Producing

A production course where students will study a variety of texts with an eye to producing them in an evening of one-act plays. Prerequisite; Beg. TA, Story TA, or Creat. Drama.

Theatre Movement and Composition

Students will study various theatre skills such as stage combat, mime, and Tai Chi in preparation for a devised theatre performance. Prerequisite; Beg. TA, Story TA, or Creat. Drama.

The History of Theatre

Students will study a specific period in history with an emphasis on how the theatre played a role in that time. Students will perform scenes from historic plays. Prerequisite; Beg. TA, Story TA, or Creat. Drama.

Advanced Studio

Senior majors may take as many as four Advanced Studio classes as part of their major work. Students will meet with their major advisors to work out projects and due dates, come up with implementation and evaluation plans, and then productions or demonstrations. Studio time can include off campus college classes as well as independent study or internships.

College Now! Acting 1

College level preparation, with a focus on character analysis. Students will receive both A3 credits and 4 LCC credits. Prerequisite; Beg TA AND Story TA or Creative Dramatics.