Welcome to the A3 Dance Department

At A3 students can take a variety of dance forms, with a schedule that caters to the current expertise of the dance students and the A3 dance company.

All Dance courses can be logged as credit for PE CBOP.

Course Descriptions:

Movement for All

Instruction covers beginning movement in a non-competitive, supportive environment. Course is encouraged for all students.

Dance Composition

Creates original work, integrates dance production elements, and analyzes the work of other choreographers.

Introduction to Modern Dance

Focuses exclusively on Modern Dance technical skills through short compositional studies and modern dance history.

Hip-Hip Dance

Demonstrates basic hip-hop dance skills and history.

Ballet Technique & Repertory

Basic – intermediate ballet tech skills, performance, and history.

Modern Tech & Rep. Basic

Intermediate modern dance tech skills, composition, and history.

Jazz tech & Rep. Basic

Intermediate jazz dance tech skills, composition, and history.

Dance Improvisation

Basic improvisational dance tech skills and as a tool for movement invention.

Anatomy & Movement

Basic knowledge of the skeletal & muscular systems and the principles of human movement as it relates to original choreography.

Advanced Studio

Senior majors may take as many as four Advanced Studio classes as part of their major work. Students will meet with their major advisors to work out projects and due dates, come up with implementation and evaluation plans, and then create productions or demonstrations. Studio time can include off campus college classes as well as independent study or internships.