Welcome to A3’s Writing Department

At A3 students are offered a variety of writing classes that range from college preparatory writing to poetry and creative writing.

In addition to their classes all student participate in Writing Group.

Course Descriptions:

Introduction to Writing

A student-centerd approach to writing, offering a range of strategies to help students develop as writers by encouraging them to value their resources of memory, observation and voice.

55 Fiction

55 Fiction is storytelling at its very leanest, where each word is chosen with utmost care on its way to achieving its fullest effect. Students must incorporate the four elements of a story: Setting, Character, Conflict and Resolution into short story in exactly 55 words.

Short Story

This class will focus on reading, writing, critiquing and interpreting the short story genre as a project. 10 examples of short stories will be read silently, aloud, interpreted and emulated.

Genres may include: dystopian, utopian, fantasy, romance, adventure, historical, biographical, allegorical, detective and post-apocalyptic.

Introduction to Poetry

This class will explore the world of poetry. We will treat ourselves, reading and listening to poetry. We will write poetry, and learn the language of the poet. We will sponsor a series of events to celebrate National Poetry Month (April), culminating with a Poetry Night.

Advanced Poetry

The central focus of this class is the writing of poetry for public performance. Over the course of the semester, students will hold several poetry readings/events. In addition to attending and performing at these events, students will be required to keep a portfolio of their work.

Comics as Literature

Students will study a variety of comic novels and the use of comics as a literary device.  Students will create comics and publish them.

Fiction and Fantasy

This class provides students with exercises and activities in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre designed to ignite and sustain the writing impulse.

Reading Revolutions and Writing for Change

Reading Revolutions and Writing for Change.  Students will consider a variety of contemporary topics and create written and spoken work to influence change.

Writing Block

This is a four-year long class, where students have the opportunity to have one-on-on time with their writing teachers. Students receive help with College prep, and where they will also prepare for their EDCRO/Student-Led-Conferences.

115 College Now

This class emphasizes the writing process of pre-drafting, composing, revising, and editing to help students express ideas clearly in logical and meaningful essays. WR 115 also helps students develop analytical skills so that they can become better critical thinkers, readers, and writers. Assignments and class discussion affirm the relevance of writing skills to students’ academic, occupational, public, and/or personal lives. Students will earn both LCC and A3 credit.

121 College Now

This is a required writing course for all college students. Students will earn both LCC and A3 credit.

English 104/105/106 College Now

Introduction to literature. Students will earn both LCC and A3 credit.