The Academy of Arts & Academics is a public high school. As with any other high school in Springfield, it is open to all students.

We’re glad you are interested in A3! Para leer esta información en español clic aquí

Applications for the Academy of Arts and Academics are available through this page or at the Academy main desk at 615 Main St.  There is one application that serves for both the Arts and Academics campus and the Health and Sciences campus. Students may apply to both campuses but can only attend one.

Interested parents and students should come to an Info Night for new students, typically scheduled every week during February.  See the calendar page.  Or contact us to arrange a tour or speak with one of the staff or students.

It’s important to note that acceptance into A3 is NEVER competitive. Students who complete all the application requirements by the deadlines given will be accepted, providing there is room. In the case where there are more applications than openings, A3 will hold an equitable lottery from all the completed applications. For more information on A3’s lottery policy, please contact A3 School Director, Michael Fisher.

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Our application process is not about sorting kids out; it is designed as a student self-assessment, engaging potential students in whether or not this is the type of learning opportunity they want. At no time does the application judge students on their talent or their academic history. The application process is really about getting students to consider how they learn and to communicate what they’re passionate about.


Apply online by clicking here

Please be sure to read our Admissions Policy

 Admissions Policy

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If you’ve been asked to fill out a letter of recommendation for a potential A3 student, you can do so, on-line, here.  Y tambien, Aqui

CONFUSED?  CONFOUNDED?  CURIOUS? Give us a call: 541-744-6728

After we receive your application (letter of intent), we’ll make an appointment for the student to do a brief 5 – 10 minute Community Interview. Community interviews are conducted by A3 staff, A3 advisory board members, school district employees, or other Springfield Community members.  Click on the bolded title above and you can even see the questions we’ll ask you and how those questions will be scored!!

Also, at the community interview, we’ll collect the application form, the Letter of Intent, Request for Recommendation, the Portfolio, Community Basics, and Report Card. You’ll then participate in a Group Project.

The group project will be done in a group of randomly selected students – nothing solo and nothing prepared in advance. Your group will be given a task and a certain amount of time to work it out then present it. See the scoring rubric for the different types of group projects.  Here, we’re really looking for your group interaction skills and your willingness to take responsible risks.

That’s IT! We’ll send you an official invitation once you complete the application process and if there’s enough room.