Support Staff

Rachael Koller, Registrar and Student Support Specialist, Scheduling

Jaymi Bucklew, Custodial

Michael Fisher, School Director & Theater, Guest Artist Resources

Emerald Crafton, Office Manager, Financial Accounting

Ed Mendelssohn, Managing Director

Wilson Sherk, Attendance, Admissions

Odessa Henriksen, Campus Monitor, Health Aide

Emily Borden, Community Connections Coordinator

Jessica Thomas, Internship Coordinator, Community Liaison

Fawn Yeo, Campus Monitor

Wendy Zacharias, Counselor, College Connections


Teaching Staff


Shelley Albrich, Visual Arts

Gwen Belden, Inquiries & Theatre Arts

Laura Black, Dance

Jenny Cathey, Inquiries & Special Education

Scott Crowell, Humanities

Jared Mills, Media

Nissie Ellison, Humanities & Visual Arts

Erinn Ernst, Dance

Michael Fisher, School Director & Theatre Arts

Elda Galvan, Spanish

Jonna Hayden, Theatrical Costuming

Andy Hock, Humanities & Theatre

Andrew Hunt, Inquiries & Visual Arts

Reid Kimball, Media

Robyn Louden, Special Education Support & Media

Rebecca Krop, Writing

Samantha Krop, Humanities

Karyn LaCroix, Spanish

Ed Mendelssohn, Managing Director & Math

Josh Metzger, Humanities & Video

Kyle Mullen, Inquiries & Media

Torrey Newhart, Vocal Music

James Olsen, Instrumental Music

Jason Valley, HSC Lead Teacher

Josh Carlton, Inquiries & Math

Wendy Zacharias, Counselor

“Mouse-over” a staff member’s name and, if it turns orange, click on it to send him/her an email.  If you need specific forms or information, please feel free to e-mail Mike Fisher