Info For Parents

Welcome, parents! Please don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ pages , as they will offer answers to virtually all questions about our programs, outreach, and student life at A3.

Parent Resources

The P3 Parent Group meets first Tuesday of each month.


All A3 students receive an LTD bus pass either for free or at a substantially reduced cost. The Springfield School District does not provide transportation to A3; however, students who live within the Springfield School District boundaries may, if there is room, ride a school bus in the morning to either Thurston High where there is ready access to LTD or to Springfield High where students may walk to A3. There is no PM service for A3 students. Please contact SPS transportation at 541 744-6373 to check on availability.


Students can get lunch at the Memorial Building cafeteria or local businesses. To apply for free and reduced lunch, visit the district website.

Jupiter Grades

Teachers use Jupiter to post grades, assignments and due dates. Teachers will be helping students and families create accounts in the first weeks of school. For access go to:

Medication at School

It is our desire to provide a safe environment for your child and to meet your child’s individual health needs while at school. If your child needs to take medication at school:

  • All prescription medication must be brought to school by an adult, preferably the parent, in its original container.
  • Medication will be counted in the presence of the adult and a person on the school staff.
  • Medication will be checked in and kept in a locked cabinet in the health room.
  • A permission form, available at the school, must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Changes in prescription medication must be verified by either a note from your physician or a new prescription bottle. We are not allowed to take orders over the phone from either the parent or physician. The physician may FAX any changes to the school.
  • Parents are responsible for refilling the school’s supply of medication.
  • If the order calls for medication to be cut in half or altered in some manner, parents are expected to have the medication prepared before bringing it to school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school nurse at (541) 501- 3184.

Student Led Conferences/EDCRO Review

Each semester students will develop a portfolio of their work. Attendance is expected of all students and families. Regular classes are suspended during conference days.

Public Demonstrations/Confluence

All students will participate in public demonstrations for their classes. Attendance is required for these events. Families are strongly encouraged to attend as well.


A3 Main Campus

615 Main Street
Springfield, OR
(541) 744-6728

Attendance:  Wilson Sherk *Please call in absences by the start of the school day.

Office Manager: Emerald Crafton

Registrar:  Rachael Koller

School Director: Mike Fisher

Managing Director: Ed Mendelssohn

Counselor: Wendy Zacharias

Special Services: Jenny Cathey

School Nurse: Joanne Broh (541) 501- 3184

Internship Coordinator: Jessica Thomas