Community Agreements

Everybody teaches, Everybody Leads, Everybody Learns

At A3 we work in all classes to establish a community environment that invites all members equally. We have identified three community agreements that define the expectations of interaction within our community.

Be Present

  • Conscientious about class/meeting behavior
  • Limit side talk
  • Clarifying and probing questions
  • Engage and follow through
  • Short runways: get to the point, don’t emotionalize

Speak Up

  • Tell your truth without shame, blame, judgment, or excuses
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities
  • Separate feedback on process from personal hurt
  • Conscientious about compassionate straight talk
  • Awareness of humor/implications of sarcasm
  • Talk straight when affected and let it go
  • Conscientious about listening to understand, not to defend

Be Open

  • Be open to outcome – but not attached to nor afraid of it
  • Keep students/colleagues at the heart of all work and decisions
  • Suspend assumptions
  • Suspend judgment in process
  • Consider better options than your initial ideas


  • Discussions, behaviors, and practices should be founded in equity and inclusion for all and should actively avoid tokenism.
  • We are conscientious of our own biases and privilege and have a willingness to set those aside.