About Us

The idea for the Academy of Arts and Academics got its start in the spring of 2004 when Superintendent Nancy Golden brought together teachers, administrators, and community members to envision a new arts-centered small school designed to address the wide variety of students in Springfield.

Known now as “A3”, the Academy of Arts and Academics began as a magnet/alternative four-year high school that offered opportunities for students to experience quality instruction, high expectations for personal achievement, and a real community in which to learn and grow.  Since then, our mission hasn’t changed, only our designation: in 2010 we became a charter school.

A3 features a strong academic program as well as a focus on visual and performing arts. Located in the heart of Springfield, A3 enjoys partnerships with existing cultural organizations and students have access to the resources of the Wildish Community Theatre, the Emerald Arts Gallery, and the Willamalane Memorial Building.

The Academy of Arts & Academics:

  • Is, on one campus, an arts-focused learning community and on our other campus, a health and science focused community. Students integrate their skills and interests into all curriculum areas. A3 concentrates on individual & small ensemble work.
  • Has high expectations of its students. These expectations are fostered through engaging course work and collaborative commitments.
  • Uses a flexible schedule. A student’s day includes more personalized interaction with faculty.
  • Builds community among its members. Students, faculty, parents, and community partners share responsibility to create and sustain a safe, ethical, and focused place to learn.
  • Encourages faculty collaboration to develop courses that combine student interest with other disciplines.
  • Evaluates student progress using the student’s cumulative portfolio. Progress and student promotion are performance based.
  • Integrates current technology into the learning environment and provides important educational tools.