The portfolio, for both the Arts & Academics Campus and the Health & Science Campus, is a collection of eight (8) to ten (10) items or activities that you feel represent your best work.  Please use a regular 9 x 12 folder (the kind with pockets inside).  YOU decide what goes in your portfolio; if it was important or worthwhile for you – be it an artistic, sports, activity, or educational experience, whatever – include it. We’re interested in what experiences impress you and what you’ve sought out for your own growth.  Your portfolio should be an example of what you’re capable of, not how you fit in. Though we give some examples of possible artifacts to include in your portfolio, really it’s up to you.  Give us your best and tell us briefly about why you’re proud of it.  The utmost care and consideration will be taken with submitted work. However, please understand that the staff of the Academy of Arts and Academics is not responsible for the loss or damage of the portfolios (you’ll be able to pick them up in May).


For each item in your portfolio, please write a one paragraph (about three to five sentences) description about why this item/activity is important to you.  For items that are too big to fit in the folder, include a picture.  For experiences, like a sports activity, family/church group outing, or a performance, please write up a less than one (1) page description – include a picture if you can – and, again, be sure to include a paragraph about why it was important to you.


Arts & Academics Campus Portfolio Guidelines:

Please design a portfolio that best represents your area(s) of interest in the arts.  As well, since A3 is about integration, we would like to see at least three examples of where you used your art in your academic learning.

Examples could include, but are not limited to:

  • Photographs, Programs from performances, recitals
  • Assignments/projects (or a description of them) in science, math, or any other class
  • A video tape or DVD showing no more than two minutes of a collection of work or a video project.
  • Copies of original writings, stories, poems, or scripts.
  • Original drawings, Artistic Photography, A two minute music demo tape or CD, etc…


Health & Science Campus Portfolio Guidelines:

Please design a portfolio that represents what you’re most proud of in any work, especially any activity you do OUTSIDE of school.  We would like to see at least three examples of work that would be associated with Math, Science, or Health studies, either in school or in some other activity you do outside of school (like, for example, if you’re interested in model rocketry or if you’ve invented a new recipe or are really proud of something you make or prepare).  Other examples could include, but are not limited to:

  • Photographs or awards from science fairs
  • Descriptions of a science or health based project from school
  • Drawings or designs of an invention you have in mind or a product you’ve designed
  • Participation in a sport or club activity
  • Participation or leadership in a youth or church group, etc…


Download this information: About the Portfolio Review