P3 Student Scholarships

Every school year, P3 sets aside a limited amount of money to provide scholarships for students to help fund classes, conferences, projects or training activities that will help them reach their academic and career goals.

Scholarships are limited to $300 per student per school calendar year.

In return for this financial assistance, the student must comply with the following requirements:

1. Students must access and complete the P3 Student Scholarship Application which can be found below.

2. Students must state clearly the purpose of the scholarship request and explain how this money will help them reach the academic goals they have set for themselves.

3. For any individual or group fund request greater than $50, P3 requires that request be presented in person at one of our P3 Leadership meetings (scheduled for the first Monday of each month) before the activity is scheduled to take place. The student must contact the A3 Community Connections Coordinator at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.

4. Students must provide documentation of the cost(s) by submitting receipt(s) or billing statement from the educational institution for classes, books, fees, etc. Please note that funds cannot be released directly to the student unless requesting reimbursement.

5. Students must be accountable to P3 for the stewardship of the funds provided. This can be done by getting good grades (required letter grade C or better), creating a successful project, showing progress towards academic goals, etc.

6. Within two (2) weeks of the completion of the activity, the student is required to prepare a written report of what he/she had learned via email to the P3 group. If preferred, the student may present at one of ourP3 meetings by scheduling with the A3 Community Connections Coordinator.

7. The student and/or the student’s family must commit to perform some type of volunteer activity that supports P3’s endeavors such as:

  • Recycling at Autzen Stadium – Oregon Ducks home games – Fall season only.
  • Assisting during P3 fundraising activities (Raffle Baskets ticket sales, A3 T-shirt sales, etc.)
  • Assisting during P3 informational activities or any P3-sponsored social functions
  • Other creative way of giving back to the A3 community (subject to P3 team approval)


1. Download our  Student Scholarship Application or fill it out online by going HERE

2. Download This Form for your essay, (to be submitted within two weeks of your activity) or complete the essay on line by going HERE

3. When you have completed your Student Activity, you will be required to fill out and send in a A3-P3_Student Activity Commitment Fulfillment Form