A3 Governing and Advisory Board

The A3 Governing Board oversees the vision and mission of the school as well as monitors our financial health and compliance with state laws.  Members of the A3 Governing Board are chosen annually or whenever an application is made and forwarded by the Board nominating committee.  The Board is comprised of:
  • One A3 Teacher, employed by the Springfield School District
  • One SPS Classified staff, employed by the Springfield School District (typically the school bookkeeper)
  • As many as two parents of current A3 students
  • Members of the community that are NOT employed by the A3 501(c)3 organization (employees of the Springfield School District are allowed).  Ideal members include:
    • Higher Education professors/staff
    • Artists
    • Legal or Financial practitioners
    • Business owners
    • Health or Science practitioners
    • Education experts
    • City or County Government employees
Current A3 Governing Board members are:
  • President, Nancy Golden
  • Treasurer, Mike Ponichtera
  • Secretary, Riley Granan
  • Kirk Boyd
  • Andy Dey
  • Mark Freeman
  • Emerald Crafton
  • Tina Lefever
  • Josh Metzger
  • Jeannie Schwanekamp
  • Amy Stranerie
  • Paul Weill
The A3 Advisory Council is made up of professionals from across the county.  The Advisory Council typically meets up to twice a year and stays engaged in A3 matters throughout the year, offering solicited and unsolicited advice.  Current Advisory Council members include:
  • Gino Grimaldi
  • Rosaria Haugland
  • Howard Jewett
  • Mary Jane Jewett
  • David C. Johnson
  • Lisa McWhorter
  • John H. Postlewait
  • Judy Wenger
  • Debbie Williamson Smith
For more information about either group, please contact Mike Fisher