A3 ABROAD.  Nepal, 2016  Everest

A3 Abroad is built around the idea of providing outside of school, (overseas, national, even local) experiences and adventures where A3 students serve as both learners and teachers, then return home and share their experiences with others in a Confluence presentation.

A3 Abroad experiences will earn school credit, appropriate to the length and time of the experience and preparation. A3 Abroad experiences can substitute for first semester or J Term course work and will be transcripted to receive regular language arts, social studies, and science credit appropriate to the student’s needs for graduation.

Inaugural A3 Abroad: Nepal.

Exact dates, October 22, 2016 – November 11, 2016

Possible Itinerary:

  • Day 1 & 2: Travel to Kathmandu
  • Day 3: Kathmandu
  • Day 4: Travel to Bhadrapur/Prithaveenagar/Sujenagar, meet host families.
  • Day 5: Orientations, school visits
  • Day 6 – 12: Teaching & Village experience
  • Day 13: Travel to Kathmandu
  • Day 14: Kathmandu, prepare for trek
  • Day 15 – 21: Trek, Lukla or Pokhara
  • Day 22: Kathmandu
  • Day 22-24: Return to Oregon








As part of the learning, A3 will be responsible for:

  • Pre-journey logistics.
  • Providing Staff Chaperones, one per every 10 students
  • Providing teaching staff for pre and post trip logistics
  • Providing families with trip logistics and educationally related materials


Participants will be responsible for:

  • Travel/Lodging/Per Diem
  • Specialized materials (clothing, luggage, etc…)
  • Passports, vaccinations, and all personal materials
  • Participating in Fundraising activities prior to the trip

Participation is open to A3 students, 10th-12th grade at the time of the trip, and a limited number of adult guardians/parents.

A3 Abroad can be sponsored and organized by any A3 teaching staff who have experience in the host or similar country, subject to approval by A3 Leadership and SPS.

Nepal 2