Student Registration Aug. 30

  • All A3 students MUST attend
  • Drop-in between 9am and 4pm (plan to spend 45 minutes)
  • Get your class schedule
  • Pay your student fees (we accept cash, check, or debit. AMT. TBA) Includes LTD bus pass
  • Confirm your contact and demographic information
  • Pick up your temporary I.D.
  • Meet with SPED staff if necessary
  • Get any questions regarding Headwaters answered

Parents, please bring any  medications for HEADWATERS IN  THE ORIGINAL CONTAINERS to Registration. Students are not allowed to bring or carry their own medication.

Please also bring the Headwaters Permission Form: Headwaters Permission Form

HEADWATERS 2017! Sept. 6-8

The first three days of school will be spent at this all school retreat at The McKenzie River Conference Center (at the US Basketball Training Camp in Blue River) for our all school retreat, “Headwaters!”

All A3 students, staff, & guest artists will participate for some or all of the event in a variety of activities focusing on relationships through the Arts & Sciences. Most importantly, they will ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.  See the chart below to find the dates you will be at Headwaters. For more details about Headwaters, registration, fees and general A3 information, download our Welcome Back Newsletter!

Internship Applications Due Sept. 15

Click here for more information and to download the application form.

Welcome to A3 – A school for you

The A3 Vision: Every student a learner, a teacher, a leader

Mission: To inspire learning, engage passion, and empower transformation through high academic standards and professional-level arts and science experiences.

We believe that students make the most of their learning when they take ownership of their education and that students deserve the opportunity to develop and pursue a particular passion at increasingly greater depth, guided by mentors in our community who can encourage excellence. At A3 we help students make connections within academic disciplines, between academics and the arts, and between their lives now and their lives as they enter the larger global community.


EdcroAt A3 students work in learning teams across curriculums of Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies), Inquiries (Math and Science) and art to create project demonstrations that are examples of content learning.

Lessons and projects are built upon the “EDCRO” system – an acronym for Explore – Design – Create – Refine – Own. Students are taught the skills to use this system, and projects are assessed using the EDCRO rubric.

We believe in teamwork and building community. At A3, students, faculty, parents, and community partners share responsibility to create and sustain a safe, ethical, and focused place to learn.

At A3 we create a structure of learning based on real-world inquires, critical thinking and problem solving. We believe that when a student learns outside the context of a textbook, they will see a subject’s relevance and purpose in a richer light.

See what five student film makers say about what The A3 Culture is like, and then see a video about  Headwaters, our all-school retreat the first three days of school.

See what Inquiries (Math & Science) class is like.

Please visit our About Us and our Why A3 pages to learn more about A3 and how we work

Are you an A3 Educator? Click here for the A3 Teachers Manual.


A Message from the District

To the Student’s Parent(s):

In order to more efficiently serve parents and patrons, Springfield Public Schools website has been updated to include information, in part, pertaining to annual parent/student notification such as Student Responsibilities & Rights Handbook, A Note to Parents About Directory Rights, Parent Notice Concerning Student Records, HIV/AIDS Curriculum Announcement, Teacher Qualifications, Parent Review of Materials.

To review the above information, please access the website at
  Parents and patrons may also contact the school office for printed copies of any of the above documents.